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Embodied meditation. Reflections on systems. Incantations for attunement.
In part, and part of, work made in a University of Minnesota Visiting Artists + Critics Workshop lead by artist and educator Christina Seely.

Over a three day intensive, through guided meditations, we built awareness towards various systems; the body as body, the body as city, the body as galaxy. The goal was to strengthen our approach in how we might make “future artworks that encourage a more integrated and productive understanding of our relationship to our home planet,” (Seely).
Our work together culminated in a book of our field notes, “Fragile Energetics: The Interplay of Art, Science, + The Human Condition in the Age of the Climate Crisis.”

Below are the two spreads of field notes I created for this book.
Spread One includes documentation of a sound performance / meditation in my backyard in Northeast Minneapolis, rightfully Mini Sota Makho he, the land of the Dakhota Oyate.
The featured text, “Ask Big Questions,” is by Nicholas Bauch (also in the workshop), from the installation “Systems for Embodying Landscape,” Katherine E Nash Gallery Minneapolis, 2021. Spread Two includes documentation of an incantation and seed paper in my BFA Thesis Work, Societal Seeds and Social Movements. The paper was made by Minneapolis artist and loving friend, Kerri Sandve. Guidance for writing the spell came from a 2017 recording by Healing Justice Podcast with adrienne maree brown.

In western thought we often require articulation and empirical data to edifice the existence of anything. It is clear to me that in order to embody the compassion required to live in a world of harmony and desire we must be able to acknowledge the animate world in all of its experiences. This is not to say that our wisdom should be encyclopedic in understanding different ways of being. Instead I argue that we must revere the reality and mystery of other intelligences.

workshop taught / book edited + designed by Christina Seely

Spread One: Grounding
Spread Two: Incanting